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Problems with your hormone health are an imperative message from your body; Please listen!

Heal your hormones and your health



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Are you fed up of the emotional rollercoaster your menstrual cycle takes you on each and every month?

Do you sometimes feel out of control of your mood, or suffer with uncomfortable physical symptoms during the pre-menstrual time of your cycle?

Do you struggle with bloating throughout the month?

Have you been pushed into trying different hormonal birth control options or anti-depressants in an attempt to stabilise your mood throughout the month?

Do you feel misunderstood and judged by those around you, who just don’t seem to get it?

Worry no more. You’re in the right place

I created Holistic Hormone Health to give you the knowledge, tools and support to positively transform your menstrual cycle experience.

I can happily and honestly declare that I am ‘in love’ with my menstrual cycle. But it defintiely hasn’t always been this way for me; quite the opposite.

For many years I suffered with PMS for 2 weeks out of every 4. As the years went by, the severity increased until it became full blown PMDD. I couldn’t understand it. I appeared healthy, my BMI was ideal, I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, I exercised… sometimes. I even ran a marathon in 2012.

All the Drs and specialists could recommend was hormonal birth control, or anti-depressants; symptom management. I tried numerous different types of birth control; each one either worsened my mood shifts or physical symptoms, or introduced unmanageable side-effects. I felt trapped, unsupported, and desperate. And it wasn’t only hard on me, my whole family was suffering.

I needed to find a way to heal my hormones. I invested all of my time, effort and money into becoming an expert of my own hormone health. I learnt everything I could about nutrition and my own body; wellness practices; and complementary therapies. I explored my mind, my emotional triggers, and nurtured my wounded inner child.

I made changes. I learnt how to hear and respond to the cues of my body and mind.

And my whole experience of my menstrual cycle transformed

The tweaks and changes I made have allowed me to foster a love for my pre-menstrual time I never thought would be possible. Now I am deeply grateful for the changes that happen within me over the course of my cycle. I respect the reasons for them. I prioritise fully embracing the different energies that ebb and flow throughout my cycle. They bring many benefits to my life, and on a macro scale that benefits society.

Menstruation is a sacred process; our menstrual cyles are our biological treasure. I have a longing deep within me to share this knowledge with all women. This forgotten wisdom is our birth-right as women.

you can have this for yourself too! Just imagine…

Really appreciating and enjoying the pre-menstrual time of your cycle rather than dreading or loathing it.

Gaining a deep and broad understanding of your individual needs in terms of nutrition and lifestyle.

Really hearing and responding to your physical, mental and emotional cues throughout your cycle.

Enjoying a greater sense of physical, mental and emotional wellness and feeling really connected to yourself and others.

Aren’t hormonal birth control and anti-depressants my only options?



If we are experiencing problems with our menstrual cycle, this indicates that other aspects of our health may be suffering. Problems with our menstrual cycle is in fact an important early warning system alerting us to the fact that all is not well within our delicate bodily ecosystem.

If we shut this alarm off, by taking hormonal birth control or antidepressents, without addressing the root cause, we are, at best, postponing a health crisis, and at worst, contributing to it.

However, if we heed this important early warning system and address the underlying cause by choosing a natural treatment solution, we will find that…

    Choosing natural treatment is a sustainable solution which:

    1. Helps us to manage our hormones throughout the life cycle of our fertile years, rather than being a shortlived solution which we gradually build a tolerance to.
    2. Comes with a myriad of health benefits which leave us radiating wellness, rather than a myriad of side effects which leave us compromising on symptoms.
    3. Helps us to know ourselves better and grow as individuals.
    Happy woman riding out of sunroof in sunshine

    Holistic Hormone Health gives you the knowledge and framework to individually tailor support for your hormones now and IN the future.

    By being a student of Holistic Hormone Health you’ll:

    • Start to use nutrition and wellness practices to heal your body and balance your hormones naturally
    • Begin to be able to identify which key macro and micro nutrients your body needs right now to bring better balance to your hormones and your mood.
    • Cultivate a greater sense of self awareness and practice deep diving into your emotional triggers as a way to heal old wounds and to connect more profoundly with those in your inner circle.
    • Start to really embrace and appreciate your pre-menstrual time, and benefit from the qualities that it brings to your cyclical life.

    “Before I began working with Beth I was suffering with debilitating PMDD. Each month for 12 days or more I would be in pieces, fighting with the world, I have lost jobs, lost partners, been suicidal. The protocol that Beth recommended for me was intense, but the support she provided has got me through it, and now my body is healing the difference is just immense. Plus I am so much more tuned in to what I need both physically and mentally. Transformational. I highly recommend!”

    ST, Lewes, UK

    As a member of Holistic Hormone Health you’re going to learn to:

    Reduce your symptoms of PMS

    Improve your overall health

    Hear your body's subtle cues


    Root out negative conditioning

    Cultivate greater self-awareness

    Embed more practices of self-love

    Rediscover forgotten wisdom

    Benefit from your cyclical changes

    Know yourself more intimately

    Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the six modules:

    Module 1: Introduction to Holistic Hormone Health
    • Learn the particular symptoms of specific hormone deficiencies or surpluses
    • Understand the 3 tennets and the 4 cornerstones of holistic hormone health
    Module 2: Nutrition
    • Learn about and understand the importance of the 4 key cornerstones of hormone health
    • Learn how to customise dietary recommendations to your fulfill your own needs
    • Discover practical strategies to keep your cravings in check
    Module 3: Lifestyle Factors
    • Learn about environmental factors which can affect your hormone balance
    • Learn about what specific supplements can help relieve hormone related suffering
    • Understand the full picture of contributing factors to your hormone health
    Module 4: Your Cycle
    • Deep dive into the concept of cycle surfing to use the tide of your ccyelt take you further in life
    • View your cycle within the bigger picture of community life and cultural influence
    • Discover the treasures that your menstrual cycle offers to you and to the community
    Module 5: Mental and Emotional Health
    • Look at various practical strategies for improving and maintining good mental and emotional health
    • Discover helpful ways of communictaing with others
    • Learn how to connect more deeply with your own needs and to get them met for your own fulfillment
    Module 6: Bonus Material
    • Discover further practical applications of concepts learnt throughout this course
    • Learn some new key concepts that can help you get the most out of your cycle
    • Find out about specific tweaks you can make to specific hormone imbalances

    Meet Your Coach

    Beth Palmer-Wright

    I want to help you naturally alleviate your PMS and PMDD symptoms, and fall in love with your menstrual cycle.

    If you are suffering because of your menstrual cycle then come, follow me