DUTCH Testing

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Providing vital insight into your specific hormonal imbalance, helping you recover from PMDD

What is the DUTCH test?

The DUTCH test is the most comprehensive hormone testing package available on the market.

The Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones is an easy at-home test measuring thirty-five different hormones and their metabolites as well as some other good stuff. This allows us to build a complete picture of exactly what is happening with your hormones.

This gives us an important insight into the root cause of your hormonal imbalance. and points at how to effectively treat it and minimise your PMS and PMDD symptoms.

Why is the DUTCH test so good?

The Dutch test provides a window into exactly what your body is doing with its hormones. With this information you can take steps to address parts of the system which are a problem. It allows you to fast track your healing program by being very specific with the treatment.
Blood and saliva tests for hormones are nowhere near as comprehensive and can only give you a partial idea as to what is happening.

Is the DUTCH test right for me?

  • Do you suffer with PMS / PMDD or any other menstrual related disorder?
  • Have you had it with these symptoms causing problems every single month? Do you want to know exactly WTF is going on with your hormones?
  • Do you want personalised data that will show you how to fast track your healing?
  • Do you want specific recommendations on how to balance your hormones and alleviate your PMS / PMDD symptoms?

What can the DUTCH test package tell me?

  • The DUTCH test pinpoints exactly which hormones are out of balance and where the root cause of your condition lies

  • The data that it gives you can expose exactly where the faults in the system are so you can take steps to treat them directly.

  • You’ll receive a full report with included recommendations on how to balance your hormones and alleviate your PMS / PMDD symptoms, and access to special pricing for support packages.

PMS freedom DUTCH testing package

The DUTCH test package can answer all of your questions. Don’t keep guessing any longer.

What’s included in the package?

  • The DUTCH test – simple and easy to carry out at home using urine filter paper collection strips which are then sent to the lab for processing

  • Analysis of the test results

  • Full report with recommendations to keep

  • Video consultation to discuss the results

The cost of the package

£327 all inclusive

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“Having suffered monthly with extreme exhaustion, brain fog, irritability and rage among other symptoms, what made me reach out for support was seeing what a massive impact this was having on my family. Since following Beth’s guidance consistently, the amazing results I’ve had have made that time feel like a distant memory, and thank the lord! I feel like a new woman.”

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I’m Beth

Hormone Health Coach

Having suffered with severe PMS / PMDD for years I found that guidance on a natural solution just wasn’t available. I faced pressure to manage my symptoms with birth control and antidepressants which I knew wouldn’t fix my hormonal imbalance. I invested my time, money and faith into studying to find the natural solution I wanted. The harmony I now feel with my cycle has completely transformed my life. My hope is to inspire and empower other women to discover that same transformation.