We are all good people

You do your best at life; you try to be kind, loving, understanding.

But, when that time of the month rolls around, in-spite of yourself, that inner PMS bitch breaks out and steals control. You act irritable and curt, and that’s on a good day. On a bad day, lord help us!
And then, thank the heavens, your period arrives; your inner PMS bitch evaporates *poof* in a puff of smoke. The fog lifts and you feel like you again.
Over years you notice it gradually escalating; you worry for your future. You begin to loathe your cycle, fear it. You’ve used contraceptive methods to avoid it, but each has its downsides.
You’re over being a hostage to your Inner PMS bitch. You deserve more from life. And you are ready to take control.
Boom 💥 You are in the right place!
Hushing your inner PMS bitch is totally doable. It takes a multi-stranded approach. You have to look at your diet, your lifestyle, and explore your mental landscape.
If you’re willing to do that, then what is possible on the other side is a reassuring sense of ease all cycle long, the ability to hear and understand what you need, and a new found love of your cycle.
My own experience of PMS was intense. Over some years it escalated into full blown PMDD. And it ended up re-railing my life. I focussed on treating myself for it. Successfully thankfully 🙌 Years of research later and a with driving desire to empower women to heal their cycles, enter the PMS freedom project.
Glad to have you along!
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I’m Beth Palmer-Wright

Hormone Health Coach; Wellness Advocate; Professional Over-sharer!

Empowering you to naturally balance your hormones.

Helping Women Balance Their Hormones Naturally

It is 100% possible to eliminate the troublesome symptoms of PMS through directed and consistent effort. I am super excited to announce that I will soon be launching my course HOLISTIC HEALING FOR PMS FREEDOM. In the meantime download a copy of my PMS Emergency Rescue Infographic for ideas on instant relief when you find yourself in a PMS funk.

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“Having suffered monthly with extreme exhaustion, brain fog, irritability and rage among other symptoms, what made me reach out for support was seeing what a massive impact this was having on my family. Since following Beth’s guidance consistently, the amazing results I’ve had have made that time feel like a distant memory, and thank the lord! I feel like a new woman.”

HW, Brighton, UK

I’m Beth

Hormone Health Coach

Having suffered with severe PMS / PMDD for years I found that guidance on a natural solution just wasn’t available. I faced pressure to manage my symptoms with birth control and antidepressants which I knew wouldn’t fix my hormonal imbalance. I invested my time, money and faith into studying to find the natural solution I wanted. The harmony I now feel with my cycle is a huge comfort and relief. My hope is to inspire and empower other women to experience the same.

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