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Your hormones are causing you all kinds of grief. You’ve tried way more hormonal birth controls then you ever wanted to. The side-effects are a massive turn off. You feel trapped, unsupported and desperate not to feel awful every single month.

I can help you. I want to share with you the knowledge of how to balance your hormones naturally, so you can address the root cause of your symptoms and be empowered to live a life free from PMS.

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Suffering with PMS and PMDD symptoms is hard. You’ve just fully recovered and started to enjoy life again and you’re back to that time of the month and those symptoms are back again. It can feel relentless!

Believe me, I get it! As a former PMDD sufferer I totally understand! The good news is these PMS and PMDD symptoms, like all other menstrual cycle conditions, are a direct result of imbalanced hormones levels.

If you can create balance in your hormones you can minimise your symptoms.

More good news – your hormone levels are directly impacted by the nutrition and lifestyle choices you make in your life.

Choose to learn how to balance your hormones through diet, lifestyle and mindset by taking my e-course Holistic Hormone Health, or sign up for an intensive 1:1 coaching program.

“Before I began working with Beth I was suffering with debilitating PMDD. Each month for 12 days or more I would be in pieces, fighting with the world, I have lost jobs, lost partners, been suicidal. The protocol that Beth recommended for me was intense, but the support she provided has got me through it, and now my body is healing the difference is just immense. Plus I am so much more tuned in to what I need both physically and mentally. Transformational. I highly recommend!”

ST, Lewes, UK