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Brighton & Hove, UK

“Before I began working with Beth I was suffering with debilitating PMDD. Each month for 12 days or more I would be in pieces, fighting with the world, I have lost jobs, been suicidal, nearly lost my family. The protocol that Beth recommended for me was tough, but the support she provided has got me through it, and now my body is healing the difference is just immense. Plus I am so much more tuned in to what I need both physically and mentally. Transformational. I highly recommend!”

ST, Lewes, UK

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Beth Palmer-Wright

I suffered with severe PMS / PMDD for years. Facing pressure to manage my symptoms with birth control and antidepressants, I desperately searched for a natural treatment plan, but found none. I focussed all of my energy into researching the natural solution I needed.

Cut to some years later, and now I want to help you!